Southwest Florida Air Quality cleaning and maintaining behind the scenes

Behind your home’s beautiful walls, ceilings and floors is a network of HVAC technology making your home cool and comfortable or cozy and inviting. General maintenance and cleaning of your home’s ductwork helps the system work more efficiently, which in turn delivers energy and cost savings to you, our clients. Do you have hot or cold spots in your home? We can help. Improperly designed duct systems are very common in our industry. This can lead to serious problems affecting your entire system, including reduced capacity, poor efficiency, growth of microorganisms, uneven temperatures throughout your home, high humidity, and reduced equipment life. The correct sizing and design of your duct system is just as important as having properly installed equipment. They work together. As the efficiency of today’s systems increase, the tolerance of improper sizing decreases.

In new construction, ductwork is a vital part of the overall project, and we have the skills at Southwest Florida Air Quality to design and install ductwork using quality material and workmanship. We see our jobs through from the beginning, known as the rough-in stage, to the end, installing the main trunk lines, branches, and, finally, the air ducts of your ductwork system.

In older homes, creating the popular open concept design plan can mean moving ductwork to get the look you want to achieve. We know how to design the ductwork system in your home following safety standards, while still maintaining those open air spaces families love to share. Also, when renovating older homes, cleaning ductwork clogged with decades-old remnants, including lead paint and dust, or replacing ruined ductwork is a worthwhile and necessary investment. Ductwork is also an area where animals and insects can decide to nest. We can clean house on those critters and make sure they don’t make themselves comfortable in your home again. We also know how to rid your ductwork of pollutants, which can lead to or worsen serious health problems. For more information, read our Air Quality page.

Ductwork is a vital part of maintaining the air quality you want in your home. From automobiles to our own bodies, cleaning and maintenance make for a better end product. The same goes for your home’s comfort systems.